2018-10-25 Phil Jonesupdated README and updated thoughtstorms lib version... master
2018-10-25 Phil Jonesmoving to using pipenv
2018-10-08 Phil Jonessend_to tweak
2018-10-08 Phil Jonesnow has send_to functionality in wiki ... ie. we can...
2018-08-10 Phil Jonesadded dependencies to
2018-08-10 Phil Jonesupdated version number
2018-08-10 Phil Jonesadded a PRE block type which lets through contents...
2018-08-08 Phil JonesWIP ... updated BlockServices.handle_lines() to be...
2018-08-08 Phil Jonesadded a requirements.txt for pip installation
2018-08-08 Phil Jonesstarting some unit tests before refactoring / adapting...
2018-07-18 Phil Jonesquick and dirty script to move items from main linkbin...
2018-07-06 Phil Jonesupdated to reflect new thoughtstorms lib dependency
2018-07-03 Phil JonesWIP to fixing conversion scripts to use thoughtstorms...
2018-07-01 Phil Jonesmoving thoughtstorms components to a package
2018-07-01 Phil JonesWIP on gallery blocks
2017-10-04 Phil Jonesignorable tweak
2017-09-17 Phil JonesCORS enable
2017-09-16 Phil JonesRecentChanges now stored in new .work subdirectory...
2017-08-25 Phil Jonestidier filter on include lines
2017-08-13 Phil Jonestweaked append when extracting query
2017-08-13 Phil Jonescan now filter included external files
2017-08-11 Phil JonesMerge branch 'design-tweaks'
2017-08-11 Phil Jonesadded a direct 'analyze' button to the append-it bookmark
2017-08-11 Phil Jonesfixing append_to include the query string
2017-08-09 Phil Jonescleaned append bookmarklet
2017-08-08 Phil Jonesremove unwanted space
2017-08-08 Phil Jonesimprovements to services page ... (renders markdown...
2017-08-01 Phil Jonesremoved port from being hardwired in template
2017-08-01 Phil Jonestweak of template for bookmarklet to backup
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesadded an append functionality and a bookmarklet to...
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesfinished soundcloud analysis
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesimprovements to bandcamp analyze ... now offers suggest...
2017-07-31 Phil JonesMerge branch 'master' into analyze_soundcloud
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesadded bandcamp analysis
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesfixed transclusion bug and refactored an Environment...
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesadded MagicMarkers ... ie. invisible tokens that disapp...
2017-07-31 Phil Jonesfixed missing branch of exception handling
2017-07-19 Phil JonesWIP on soundcloud analysis
2017-07-19 Phil Jonesfixed bug reporting sister-site error msg
2017-07-19 Phil JonesMerge branch 'deployment'
2017-07-19 Phil Jonesadded a static/images path for images
2017-07-15 Phil Jonesremoving quora analysis from this branch
2017-07-15 Phil Jonesmaster is now the development branch ... and we use...
2017-07-01 Phil Jonesadded embeddable path
2017-07-01 Phil Jonesadding delete option to template
2017-06-18 Phil Jonesadded delete page option
2017-06-18 Phil Jonesadded a delete page option
2017-05-19 Phil Jonesfixed bugs due to new txlib
2017-05-19 Phil Jonesfinished unifying with bootdown ... bootdown now uses...
2017-05-18 Phil Jonesunifying with bootdown ... added csv handler to this...
2017-05-12 Phil JonesAdded generic audio include block
2017-05-04 Phil Jonesfirst analysis ... extract youtube block from a youtube url
2017-04-04 Phil JonesChanges to work with new PageStore shared between Proje...
2017-04-04 Phil Jonestidying to allow this to be used with OWL too
2017-03-24 Phil Jonescleaned up recent-changes ... no dupes
2017-03-24 Phil Jonesadded simple transclusion from another similar wiki...
2017-03-23 Phil JonesAdded a crude 'list all pages' function
2017-03-23 Phil Joneshandled error when grep finds nothing during service...
2017-03-23 Phil Jonesadded basic search (via system grep) functionality
2017-03-23 Phil Jonestweaked look
2017-03-22 Phil Jonesraw now returns mime-type text/text
2017-03-22 Phil JonesAdded SisterSites functionality
2017-03-19 Phil Jonesadd new block service architecture and handlers for...
2017-03-17 Phil Jonesmoving stuff around, prior to breaking out block-services
2017-03-17 Phil Jonesrefactored to simplify services ... now explicit and...
2017-03-17 Phil Joneszeroing for removal
2017-03-15 Phil Jonesupdated
2017-03-15 Phil Jonesnew recent-changes
2017-03-15 Phil Jonesrefactored main wiki into its own class TSWiki, and...
2017-03-15 Phil Jonesrefactoring more file access into PageStore ... WIP...
2017-03-07 Phil Jonesadded recent-changes to nav-bar and made sticky at top
2017-01-19 Phil Jonesadded blockquote css
2016-12-23 Phil Jonestweak
2016-12-23 Phil Jonesremember to make the symlink
2016-12-22 Phil Jonesmoving assets to separate directory
2016-12-22 Phil Jonesrenamed to sfw2flat
2016-12-22 Phil Jonessynced with project-thoughtstorms site text
2016-12-22 Phil Jonesrenamed sfw2wikish to sfw2flat ... as it's general
2016-12-22 Phil Joneshandle unicode
2016-12-22 Phil Jonesadded gitignore ... with .pyc files
2016-12-22 Phil Joneswe've now converted ThoughtStorms wiki to MarkDown...
2016-12-22 Phil Jonesmoved conversion scripts into new directory
2016-12-22 Phil Jonesredundant example
2016-12-20 Phil Jonesupdated to reflect the new reality
2016-12-20 Phil Jonesadding a new minimal home-brew wiki-engine written...
2016-12-19 Phil Jonestidying
2016-12-19 Phil Jonesmoving readme to markdown
2016-12-19 Phil Jonesrefactoring some site-based json tools into subdirectory
2016-12-19 Phil Jonesremoving vagrant references
2016-12-19 Phil Jonesremoving Vagrant references ... beginning a new transfo...
2016-12-13 Phil Jonesmode change
2015-04-08 phil jonesmoved wikish plugin to separate repo
2015-04-08 phil jonesremoved wikish plugin, now moved to https://github...
2013-12-21 phil jonesadded crude double-comma tables.
2013-12-16 phil joneswork in progress, really just want to move things aroun...
2013-12-16 phil jonesremoved vagrantfile
2012-11-17 phil jonesmoved wikish plugin to new plugin format
2012-07-15 phil joneswip with
2012-05-01 phil jonesadded simple json diff script (WIP)
2012-05-01 phil jonesCGI script to create SFW page online